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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jewel's kids

Here's Jewel's twins - the buck kid on the left and the doe kid on the right. Notice the spots on the boy, including a big brown spot on his face that will turn silver white as he gets older, and also you can see brown and silver spots on him too. Beautiful long ears on both as well as very nice roman noses! They are 6 hours old in the pics!
Both are now SOLD!

A good morning!

I'm happy to report that at 3am this morning, Jewel went into labor and presented us with twins! A black with red trim spotted buck kid and a black with red trim beautiful doe kid with a large white spot on her belly. They are up and have had their colostrum. Jewel has a beautiful udder, super high, with big teats that hang straight down - and they were a joy to milk this morning! I put a good pint of gold colostrum in the freezer by 4:30am.

Queisha lost her mucus plug this morning so she will be kidding soon also. And she did, going into labor at 7:30am and delivering an 8.3 pound huge buck kid, also black with red trim. So the Nubians are done until August when Sunshine who was bred to Blue Zephyr is due and that's our last Nubian kidding for the year.

Friday, May 7, 2010

They're getting closer!

Waiting - oh the waiting is crazy but we're getting closer. Queisha and Jewel are growing lovely udders with nice big milkable teats. They are also getting wider and wider. By the end of the month we'll see just what these girls will give us for kids. Both are quite content and laying around in the sun during the days now too. Zasia in the meantime is still increasing in milk production and her lovely spotted daughter, Abby, has gotten used to not being with her mom. Next to her in the adjoining pen seems to be a good place as far as she is concerned as she learns to play with the ND kids, the young Saanen doe, and a young Nubian buck from Black Mesa Ranch.