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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zasia's beautiful twin doe kids

Ober-D'Rainbow Zasia gave birth to twin girls 2/18/10 as a first freshener. The black and tan girl on the right is covered in moonspots - right now they are a brown gray but will turn to a silver white in a few months. Her brown sister is on the left and is a sweetheart too.

I included the photo below as it gives a little glimpse of Zasia's udder, half empty, but a nice strong medial coming along. And she has a perfectly smooth foreudder too. You can see more moonspots in the brightness of the photo of the black and tan girl also.
The little brown girl just a trucking along in the barn aisleway. I like the white 'seagull' on her forehead and her white chin. She's a nice long girl too.

Here's another photo of our black and tan girl. Bet she's going to have a white tail where that brown moonspot is presently sitting, which will turn to silver white.

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