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Monday, April 5, 2010

Zasia's brown doe kid is for sale, I think.... SOLD!

This has been a VERY hard decision! Zasia's brown doe kid is gorgeous.........she's long, beautiful, elegant. If she has her mother's udder socked up so high and wide, she will be stunning when she grows up. I can't keep them all, so either Zasia will be for sale (almost straight Goldthwaite bloodlines), or her brown daughter will be for sale. Zasia is a treasure on the milkstand - never a problem - and is extremely sweet and very affectionate. She's the kind of doe you want around, so this is a very hard decision, but I have to keep my numbers down. I have Zasia's littermate brother here, Blue, who has been bred to Sunshine for late summer freshening. Sunshine will be for sale after kidding. So I will have plenty of Zasia's genetics to continue forward with.

Contact me if you'd like to add one of our girls to your herd.

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